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    Since 1947!

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What We Offer

Chicago Towing, des plaines & arlington Heights

We provide fast, courteous and inexpensive towing in Chicago, Des Plaines and Arlington Heights. We are fully insured and been in business since 1947. We are ready to respond to all 24 hour towing needs, seven days a week.

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Emergency 24/7 Chicago Roadside Assistance

Get your vehicle where it needs to be. Stuck on the side of the road, wondering who to call is NOT fun. Call us – we’re waiting.

Well, this is embarrassing. You’re locked out of your own car! Don’t worry, contact us and we’ll get you back in ASAP!

Instead of walking around, asking random strangers if they have jump start cables and spare time… how about calling the pros?

Was your car involved in an accident? Do you need an experienced driver to recover and tow your vehicle? We go the extra mile.

Safely Transport Difficult-to-Move Machinery in Chicago, Des Plaines, Arlington Heights and surrounding areas.

Does your business have a fleet of vehicles you rely on? Let’s chat – we’d love to be your towing provider.


of towing professionals

We are always seeking a highly skilled and experienced Towing Professional to join our team. You will be towing in Chicago, Des Plaines, Arlington Heights and area.

As a Towing Professional, you will be responsible for responding to emergency calls and providing exceptional towing services to our clients.

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    anywhere, anytime towing

    – Where We Are. We serve all of Chicago and the suburbs! 

    Des Plaines, Arlington Heights – we’ve got you covered.



    Chicago Towing FAQs – Have another? Contact Us.

    If your vehicle was towed from a private property such a parking lot, condiminum/apartment complex, public parking lot, etc. there will be a sign in the parking lot with the towing company information near the entrance or in the parking lot on a fence/pole. You can also check with the property manager, leasing office, or landlord. WE DO NOT TOW UNAUTHORIZED VEHICLES, OR ILLEGALLY PARKED VEHICLES FOR PRIVATE PROPERTIES

    If your car was towed at the request of an agency, you must first be sure that you don’t need the agency’s permission to pick up the car.

    For a period of 20 days from impound, personal belongings shall be kept intact, and shall be returned to the vehicle’s owner or agent during normal business hours upon request and presentation of a driver’s license or other sufficient identification.

    Cars may be towed for one of several reasons including:

    • parking in violation of posted signs; to clear a vehicle that has been involved in an accident and is blocking traffic removal of an abandoned vehicle

    To learn more about reasons for towing and impounding vehicles please review 9-92-030 of the Chicago Municipal Code

    Sometimes it is necessary to clear a street of legally parked cars; for example, street repair, temporary no parking for an event like a parade or a run, film/video work, etc.  If the cars were parked before the barriers or “no parking” signs were posted, the cars are moved to another legal parking spot at no charge to the owner.

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