My car had to be towed this morning. My auto mechanic called Belmont Kolmar & they were there within the time quoted. Additionally the young man, Lucas, was so professional and courteous. I asked if I needed to do anything to help & he said No he would handle it & he did.


Chicago Towing Services

I can’t say I look forward to getting towed but these guys were great. A family business with solid work ethic. Flatbed towed my Corvette and the ride was flawless. These guys are rock solid. I have only good things to say. Thanks guys. Back to the dealer for recall service.


Chicago Towing Sports Car

Thank You Belmont-Kolmar Towing and Joe the driver.
I unfortunately locked my keys in my car with the engine running. I could not get the car open. I called my insurance company they said it would take at least an hour and a half before they could answer my call for roadside assistance. I searched on Google and found Belmont Kolmar Towing. They came within a 1/2 hour and opened the car door. I was able to get my keys and turn off the engine. I was getting panic attacks which is why I am so grateful Belmont-Kolmar towing came so quickly. Thank you Belmont-Kolmar towing and Joe the driver.


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